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Five predictions about the 2018 NFL Draft

Here are my five bold predictions for the 2018 NFL Draft.

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles Media Availability Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The 2018 NFL Draft begins tonight, so here are my five bold predictions about the draft - not necessarily Denver Broncos centric, either.

Five NFL Draft Predictions

  1. The Broncos will do something tonight that will make 90% of the fanbase angry, confused or both. Whether it’s drafting a CB at #5 - instead of (insert your favorite QB), or taking an offensive guard, or trading down and getting fleeced by our trading partner, only about one in ten of us will go to bed happy tonight.
  2. The New England Patriots will trade down and then trade down again to stockpile half of the picks in the 3rd round because their draft analysts determined that is where the most value is to be found in this draft. Only half of those guys will make the 53-man roster in 2018 because the other half won’t get along with Tom Brady’s personal trainer.
  3. The Broncos will draft a bust in the second round. Acceptance is the key to happiness. This has become a universal law at this point. I have come my acceptance of this fact. The jury is still out on Adam Gotsis and DeMarcus Walker, but reading the list of 2nd round picks over the last 11 drafts is enough to bring you to tears (or rage): Ty Sambrailo, Cody Latimer, Montee Ball, Derek Wolfe (not a bust), Brock Osweiler, Rahim Moore, Orlando Franklin (not a bust), Zane Beadles, Alphonso Smith, Darcel McBath, Richard Quinn, Eddie Royal (not a bust) and Tim Crowder. How many chickens do I need to sacrifice to break this second round curse?
  4. The Broncos will overdraft a player in the 3rd round based on athletic ability and “scheme-fit”. That player will turn out to not have much athletic ability and will also be a poor scheme fit since our offensive and defensive schemes are both currently in flux.
  5. The ghost of Al Davis will possess Jon Gruden who will then convince everyone in the Oakland Raiders draft room to draft a really athletic defensive back or wide receiver in the first round based solely on the fact that he ran a 4.31 40 at the combine. It doesn’t matter that they can’t catch (or tackle) to save their life; speed kills and Chucky (I mean Jon, I mean Al) needs speed. The Raiders front office will decide that for future drafts, Jon Gruden will need to be placed in a straight-jacket with a ball-gag in his mouth to prevent future stupid draft moves while under the influence of Al’s ghost. Of course, being the Raiders, they will fail to realize until next year, that this is pointless as Al’s ghost will just possess someone else in the Las Vegas draft room.

Despite what it may seem like from this, I’m actually quite optimistic about this draft. Merry Draftivus!


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