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Players, Broncos Country react on Twitter with a big Mile High Salute to Chubb pick

Paired with Von Miller, the pass rusher from NC State is considered an immediate impact for the defense.

Bradley Chubb is a Denver Bronco

Bradley Chubb. Enough said.

Posted by Mile High Report: A Denver Broncos Blog on Thursday, April 26, 2018

It looks like Chris Harris Jr. got his wish - a big-time guy on defense for the Broncos’ No. 5 overall pick in this year’s draft.

And he was happy about it too.

And John Elway seemed to agree with his No. 1 cornerback, saying he had “really wanted” Bradley Chubb, the pass rusher out of NC State.

But few, probably Elway included, thought Chubb would still be on the board at five.

Head coach Vance Joseph also approved of the pick - calling Chubb an “impact player” for the Broncos this upcoming season.

Another new Bronco is looking forward to a strong defense as well (and frankly, maybe a little happy there was no first-round QB picked):

Given news that the Broncos had a deal on the table to trade back with the Bills - until they realized Chubb was still there - it appears this was a true BPA for Elway.

And it marks the third time the former QB has taken a pass rusher among his seven first-round picks - Von Miller, Shane Ray and now Bradley Chubb.

As 9NEWS’ Mike Klis noted, “an old QB knows.”

Klis reported that Elway expected to Chubb to go sooner but was thrilled he didn’t.

“We were [surprised]. We thought he would go a little bit earlier. We didn’t think he would get by Cleveland, so we were thrilled he was there,” Elway said. “He will add a lot to the defense. His style of play, he plays 120 percent all the time.’’

Bucky Brooks definitely liked the pick, giving the Broncos an A+ for the selection.

“I like this pick because the #Broncos are going to go back to the recipe - solid on offense and dominant on defense,” he said on NFL Network.

Elway wasn’t the only one surprised. Chubb himself didn’t really think Denver would be an option, but he’s pretty excited about his new defensive teammates.

“I’m excited to get to work with guys like Von [Miller] and Shane [Ray]. We have to make sure that we have the most dangerous pass rush in the NFL. I’m looking forward to the opportunity and I can’t wait.”

Planning on Denver or not, Chubb dressed the part and did so with intention:

Perhaps the best first impressions will be opposing offenses, as SBNation NFL so discreetly pointed out:

Von Miller apparently likes that prospect too, calling Chubb a combo of himself and Oakland’s Khalil Mack.

EVERY PLAYER should have a new teammate that excited for him to join the team.

And another pretty good pass rusher - one who knows about being a counterpart to Miller - was excited about the pick as well:

I like it too, DeMarcus, I like it too!