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ESPN’s Louis Riddick would take Bradley Chubb over 2017 first overall pick, Myles Garrett

The Denver Broncos may have gotten themselves a good one. Bradley Chubb is seen as one of the best players in the 2018 NFL Draft.

ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick said back in March that he would take now Denver Broncos outside linebacker Bradley Chubb over 2017 first-round pick, Myles Garrett.

Well, the Giants ended up taking running back Saquon Barkley second overall and allowed the talented Bradley Chubb fall to the Broncos.

Riddick said that if you stacked Chubb up against Garrett that Chubb would win out as the better player.

“I’m of the belief that if last year, you’re stacking Chubb up play for play with Myles Garrett and they’re both coming out at the same time, I’m taking Bradley Chubb ahead of Myles Garrett,” Riddick said on SportsCenter. “I think he’s that good.”

That is high praise because Garrett was a damn good prospect and ended up having a solid rookie campaign. He played in 11 games his rookie year and totaled 31 tackles and 7 sacks. So if Chubb is better than Garrett and can stay healthy, the Broncos got themselves a damn player to pair with Super Bowl 50 MVP, linebacker, Von Miller.

Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway would likely agree with Riddick’s opinion and shared his thoughts on Chubb after the first-round concluded.

“I think his motor is as big as anybody’s in the draft. That’s definitely one of his biggest qualities, his motor, and also his strength, his ability to rush the passer and get in the end and whip around the edge. He has that, and I think that what he’s going to bring his leadership. The guy that he is, we met with him one time in Indy. With the scouts’ background that they did on him, plus our meetings with him in Indy, that’s all we needed to see when we met with him. He’s all football. He loves football, and he’s going to be a great influence on our football team because he’s that type of leader he is and has that kind of tenacity.”

I really like this pick and believe that Bradley Chubb will be an instant playmaker for the Broncos on the defensive side of the ball. Especially with all the attention being placed on Von Miller which should free up many one on one matchups for Chubb.