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No Bull thoughts on the Denver Broncos first round pick

2018 NFL Draft Denver Broncos thoughts and analysis on their day one selection of Bradley Chubb

NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

I honestly never in a million years thought Bradley Chubb was going to get past Cleveland at pick 4 on the 1st day of the 2018 NFL Draft.

If you have a guy like Von Miller / Joey Bosa / Khalil Mack, staring at you in the face at the top of the draft board and don’t have a guy like that yet, you take him. If you already have Myles Garrett, you take him to give your defense the 1 - 2 punch that every dominant NFL defense has in today’s game.

Defensive Impact

This isn’t the flashy QB pick everyone wanted, but if you aren’t stoked about this guy being on our team, I’d hazard to guess that you don’t appreciate defensive NFL football enough. Look back at our Super Bowl run in the 2015 season...what made our defense great? ...I mean aside from the best defensive coordinator in the league of course. What made us great was having multiple prolific pass rushers. The 1 - 2 punch of Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware with the inside pressure of Malik Jackson absolutely destroyed teams and their will to pass the ball (AMARITE THAM BR*DY!?).

It is going to be interesting to see just what Joe Woods and Bill Kollar cook up for this defensive front now having Von Miller, Shaquil Barrett, Bradley Chubb, and DeMarcus Walker to work with. If the Broncos don’t trade Shane Ray away (which I see as a small possibility in the next two days), they may even find a way to make his limited skill set look good for the last year of his contract with the Broncos (and yes, I think drafting Chubb means Ray doesn’t get that 5th year).

Chubb is versatile and he’s got the kind of attitude to add all the pieces to his game to make him a chess piece just like Von Miller. Look for him to line up anywhere and everywhere. I’m most excited to see plays where Miller and Chubb are lined up next to each other, as the offensive linemen will look across the LOS and shizzle in their pizzle. You can’t double team both in that situation. What do you do if they run a stunt to the inside? This is the stuff of nightmares for NFL offenses.

Reading between the lines on QBs

I think it is fairly safe to say Baker Mayfield was the Broncos 1st choice with this pick. I also think Sam Darnold would have been their 2nd (great situation for him to learn and hone his craft here). Josh Allen and Josh Rosen were both on the board and got passed on. That tells you for sure both of the Josh’s weren’t highly thought of by the Broncos.

Also, let’s be real here: Paxton Lynch is a bust. He’s talked about by Elway in order to pump up his value so that hopefully Elway can get something for him. I have to think the real story in the QB room is that Chad Kelly is going to have a superb opportunity to show what he’s got this year and has a real shot of claiming the #2 role on the team.

Thoughts on Day 2

All of that changes if the Broncos take a QB in the next 2 rounds though...that would be a sign that they really like the guy. I don’t expect it, but you never know.

What I do expect is a guard to be taken in round 2. I also think a RB is in the books tonight as well.

There’s a ton of talent left on the board and a lot of that talent fits some gaps in the Broncos roster. We might actually see John Elway take a solid 2nd round pick for the first time in what seems like forever for Broncos Country.

Hit up the comments below with your thoughts. I’d love to get Broncos Country’s take on Day 1 and what we’ll see in Day 2!