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Report: Broncos will continue to look at quarterbacks during the draft

Will come down to this. Do they like one of these quarterbacks better than Paxton Lynch?

Richmond v Virginia Photo by Chet Strange/Getty Images

According to ESPN’s Jeff Legwold, despite the Broncos support of former first-round pick Paxton Lynch, the Broncos will look at quarterbacks during today’s second and third rounds.

The Broncos reportedly were trying to trade up for Sam Darnold(Elway said he didn’t fwiw) but passed on Josh Allen and Josh Rosen in the first-round of the NFL Draft. They ended up going with defensive end/edge rusher Bradley Chubb to help their pass rush.

Now after the first-round ended, Denver Broncos General Manager continued his public support for Lynch by stating, “We still believe in Paxton”.

“Obviously we did a lot of work on them. When it was all said and done and we looked at all the different options and went through all the different scenarios, we felt pretty comfortable with where we are with [QB] Case [Keenum] and [QB] Paxton [Lynch]. We still believe that Paxton can be a good quarterback in this league and he continues to work. We looked at it and delved into it, but the way things fell, Bradley was the best pick for us.”

However, despite their public support for Lynch, the Broncos will consider Richmond’s Kyle Lauletta and Oklahoma State’s Mason Rudolph during tonight’s second and third rounds.

The Broncos have met with them both throughout the process, but not the extent that they did with the top four quarterback prospects who want in the top 10 of the first-round pick.

Lauletta is a 6’3”, 222lbs and played his college ball at Richmond. He played four seasons at Richmond and put up some impressive numbers. He totaled 10,465 yards, 73 touchdowns, and 35 interceptions. He also completed 63.5% of his passes and averaged 8.8 yards per attempt. He is expected to go sometime in the second or third round during tonight’s day two draft.

Meanwhile, Mason Rudolph is a 6’5”, 235lb quarterback who played his college ball at Oklahoma State. He played four seasons at Oklahoma State and also put up some impressive numbers. During that span, he totaled 13,618 yards, 92 touchdowns, and 26 interceptions. He also had a 63.2% completion percentage and averaged 9.4 yards per attempt. Rudolph is also expected to go sometime during the second and third rounds of tonight’s day two of the NFL Draft.

Ultimately it will come down to this. Do the Broncos like either of these two quarterback prospects than they do Paxton Lynch? Also, do they really believe they can develop Lynch further or if he will put in the needed work to reach the potential that made him a first-round quarterback prospect? If either of those answers is a no, I could see a quarterback taken and Lynch traded off to somewhere else. At the end of the day, a change of scenery might be best for Lynch at this point.

Now if the Broncos pass on a quarterback during tonight’s draft, then Lynch’s status is safe for at least this year.