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The NFL crushed ratings during the 2018 NFL Draft

The NFL’s rumored demise is far from reality as the sport crushed all previous ratings records for the NFL Draft.

Rumors of the NFL’s demise have been grossly over-reported. The 2018 NFL Draft crushed the records for all previous NFL Draft’s and pushed the limits of interest to heights 25% higher than they were last year.

The constant hyperbole over NFL ratings drops in 2017 had many wondering if the end of NFL supremacy was nigh. Clearly that isn’t the case.

The NFL is on the rebound and a lot of it may have to do with it opening up streaming to a larger segment of the cord cutting population. The game is changing and it has just taken the NFL a bit of time to catch up.

It’ll be interesting to see how the regular season games stack up in comparison to last season. If the current interest holds, we could end up seeing a lot of stories about the NFL’s amazing rebound in viewership this Fall.