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Broncos rookie wide receiver Courtland Sutton hopes to learn from Demaryius Thomas

Courtland Sutton is being compared to Demaryius Thomas in many ways, but he has a very long ways to go before he can actually be compared to DT.

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When the Denver Broncos selected wide receiver Courtland Sutton in the second-round of the 2018 NFL Draft the comparisons to Demaryius Thomas were immediate and a little uncomfortable.

Thomas, a first-round pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, has had an incredible career in Denver. Before he is finished, he may own all of the Broncos wide receiver records. That is a Ring of Fame worthy career, so for Sutton to be called DT’s replacement is not only premature, but a bit absurd.

That said, Sutton is embracing his chance to play in the NFL and merely wants to be DT’s student. To learn from him and to perfect his craft in the NFL.

“I will say that I’m definitely willing to learn from Demaryius,” Sutton said on Saturday if he felt he was a younger version of Demaryius Thomas, “He’s been playing this game at a very high level for a very long time. To be able to learn from him, it’s going to be a blessing and an honor for me to be able to learn from him.”

Sutton showed incredible tact in how he framed his response to this question. Not only did he avoid the boldness of the question that he was drafted to replace Thomas at first, but he paid respects to Thomas’s fantastic NFL career before he addressed the question.

“I will say that we might have some of the same qualities,” Sutton continued. “He plays the game at a very, very high level, all-pro level, and that’s the level that I want to get to. I’ve already started picking his brain. He reached out to me last night and I think I might be annoying him a little bit just from trying to pick his brain of ‘When are going to be able to get on the field and start working?’ I just want to start picking his brain. I want to start learning. ‘How did you get to the point that you’re at? How are you maintaining that and how are you elevating that to continue to be great?’ I think we do have some of the similar traits to play this position, but I’m still trying to get some of those little traits that make him the great player that he is. I’m trying to get those added to my game. I was sending text messages, just asking questions. ‘What makes you, you?’ I’m going to continue to do it once I get into the same locker room as him.”

The eagerness of Sutton is already fun to read about. Thomas could very well be annoyed by the eagerness as a long-time vet, but I feel like this situation could develop into one where the Broncos might keep Thomas and Sutton on the roster after Thomas’s contract is up. Why wouldn’t a team want to outstanding game-changing wide receivers outside?

It will be fun to watch Sutton grow into his role in the NFL and his additional could ultimately help Thomas see fewer double teams and find more open space to start making the big plays we had grown accustomed to over his career.