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Denver Broncos one of four teams to select five players from Mike Mayock’s Top 100

Mike Mayock’s big board is one of the most respected evaluations of college talent in the media and he consistently gets it right in his Top 100.

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How good did the Denver Broncos 2018 NFL Draft go? Pretty damn good.

They were one of just four teams that selected five players within Mike Mayock’s Top 100 list. Mayock’s big board is one that has proven fairly reliable over the years, so to snag five players from his list is quite impressive.

Here are the five players and where they ranked on Mayock’s Top 100 big board prior to the draft.

Round 1, Pick 5: Bradley Chubb (Mayock: #3)

Two picks down from where Mayock had Bradley Chubb ranked is where the Denver Broncos got him. To get Top 3 talent with the fifth pick is about as fortuitous as it gets. The Broncos received overwhelmingly positives responses for this selection.

Round 2, Pick 40: Courtland Sutton (Mayock: #41)

Many teams have a first round grade on Courtland Sutton, including the Broncos, but Mayock had him right where the Broncos ultimately took him early in the second round. He has the size and athletic ability to make an immediate impact on the Broncos in 2018.

Round 4, Pick 106: Josey Jewell (Mayock: #72)

If you were looking for the Broncos biggest steal in the NFL Draft, it would have to be Josey Jewell if you are using Mayock’s big board as a judge. The 72nd best player in the draft was taken by the Broncos with the 106th pick. Not bad value at all there.

Round 3, Pick 71: Royce Freeman (Mayock: #88)

Adding a running back to the mix that would complement Devontae Booker was a huge need for the Broncos heading into the draft. The draft had great depth at the position, but there was a big time run on backs on Day 2. Picking Freeman at 71 was the right move to secure one of the bigger needs on the roster.

Round 4, Pick 113: DaeSean Hamilton (Mayock: #89)

The Broncos killed it with their two fourth round picks. DaeSean Hamilton is viewed as the best slot receiver in this class, so getting him early in the fourth round was a huge win for the Broncos. He was viewed as a solid Day 2 prospect.

2018 Broncos Draft Class

Round Pick Player Position School Info Highlights
Round Pick Player Position School Info Highlights
1 5 Bradley Chubb OLB North Carolina State Scouting Report Video
2 40 Courtland Sutton WR SMU Scouting Report Video
3 71 Royce Freeman RB Oregon Scouting Report Video
3 99 Isaac Yiadom CB Boston College Scouting Report Video
4 106 Josey Jewell ILB Iowa Scouting Report Video
4 113 DaeSean Hamilton WR Penn State Scouting Report Video
5 156 Troy Fumagalli TE Wisconsin Scouting Report Video
6 183 Sam Jones OG Arizona State Scouting Report Video
6 217 Keishawn Bierria ILB Washington Scouting Report Video
7 226 David Williams RB Arkansas Scouting Report Video