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Broncos traveled to Los Angeles to hold a private workout with USC quarterback Sam Darnold

The Broncos continued their quarterback search today in LA.

Texas v USC Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Yesterday, the Broncos dined and met with UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen and today they traveled to LA to meet and have a private workout with the potential number one overall pick, former USC quarterback, Sam Darnold.

Denver Broncos General Manager John Elway and Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph traveled to Los Angeles to put the former USC quarterback through a private workout. The last time the Broncos have seen Darnold throw the ball live was against Ohio State in the Cotton Bowl. So they wanted to see Darnold sling the ball in person one more time before deciding what they are going to do in the first-round of the draft.

The former USC quarterback is considered by many to be the top quarterback in the 2018 draft class and the favorite to be the number one overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft to the Cleveland Browns. However, there are some rumors out there that the Browns may go with Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen at 1 instead, so there is some drama there as well.

This is where the Broncos potential interest comes in. If Darnold falls to the second overall pick, the Giants who appear to be at least considering passing on a quarterback could hold an open auction for that pick. If the Broncos come away impressed with Darnold and want him, they could try to swing this deal.

This is all hypothetical of course. In all likelihood, the Giants stay put and get a quarterback or the top non-quarterback on their board. If Darnold does fall to them I do not see why the Giants would not select him and let him develop a bit behind aging veteran Eli Manning.

However, this is the NFL Draft and stranger things have happened. The Broncos are doing their due diligence on these quarterbacks and if they come away liking one, they could decide to make a big move for one.