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The Broncos get the chip back on their shoulder

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From lukewarm draft reviews to a joke of a rating for one of the best CBs playing the game today, the Broncos get dealt the disrespect card for this season.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s start by saying the Broncos after a 5 - 11 season don’t deserve respect. The team turned into a laughingstock in 2017. Check. We got you fam.

But there are signs brewing that the MSM is once again turning a blind eye to the highlights of “that team out west in the mountains”.

Jeff Legwold was asked to grade the Broncos outlook for 2018 after the draft and called us a “lukewarm” team. Rated with the likes of Oakland and the NY Jets. Look, I know we sucked last year, but after a draft that by all accounts the Broncos knocked out of the park, really?

And Chris Harris, Jr. was voted 86th of the top 100. I guess it is something to say that he’s still on the list after our abysmal season in 2017, but the dude is the most technically sound corners in the game.

I always like it when our team gets overlooked though. The team seems to play a lot better when they are constant dogs week after week and getting overlooked...AMARITE Carolina?

Broncos News:

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Harris is the first Broncos player to make the list this season.

Other less cool NFL teams’ news:

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