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Bradley Chubb wants to contribute any way he can in 2018

The Denver Broncos have a lot of pass rushers, but that doesn’t bother Bradley Chubb. He just wants to contribute any way he can as a rookie.

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Bradley Chubb was seen as one of the top college prospects in the 2018 NFL Draft and thanks to a slew of quarterback-needy teams he fell right into the Denver Broncos lap with the fifth overall pick.

Pairing him with Von Miller is going to add a serious threat from both sides on opposing quarterbacks, but whether its as a starter or coming off the bench Chubb just wants to be a part of that threat to the opposing quarterback.

“I expect to come in and contribute right away,” Bradley Chubb said last week. “If that’s starting or coming off the sideline, I’m going to contribute either way. The end goal for me is definitely for me to be a starter. Like I said, I’m ready to contribute in any way I can.”

Broncos head coach Vance Joseph was especially happy with the pick. He did not mince worse on whether Chubb is competing for the starting job, either.

“He fits in with that group,” Vance Joseph said when asked where Chubb fits in on the defense. “Having three or four rushers is a good thing. He is going to come in and compete for the starting job obviously. You have to have more than two rushers. Having four is always a good thing.”

It’s easy to see why he thinks that. Chubb’s tape shows a player who is relentless at the snap and plays through to the whistle on every play. Both Shane Ray and Shaquil Barrett would need to work pretty hard to keep up with a guy who has the mental toughness and athletic talent as Chubb has.

“He was the best rusher in the entire draft this year,” Joseph said of Chubb last week. “When you watch him play, he also plays hard. That is half the battle when you talk about being a great player in this league – your play personality. Along with the talent to rush the passer, he also plays very hard.”

For the first time since DeMarcus Ware retired, the Broncos will have four quality edge rushers on the roster. It may only be for this season, but it will give them an opportunity to make some impact plays from the outside. If they can generate some consistent pressure from the inside, this defense has a chance to immediately move back to the top spot in the NFL next season.