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Denver Broncos have two of Matt Miller’s top impact rookies in 2018

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Josey Jowell and DaeSean Hamilton are two of Matt Miller’s sleeper impact rookies from the 2018 NFL Draft Class.

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Draft experts far and wide loved the Denver Broncos draft class in 2018. Now those same experts are looking for some of those late round steals that will make a huge impact in their rookie years and the Broncos are scoring there too.

Matt Miller of Bleacher Report went through his top impact rookies of 2018 and the Broncos came up aces with two late round gems showing up on his list in linebacker Josey Jewell and wide receiver DaeSean Hamilton.

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Horse Tracks

Josey Jewell finds Iowa-esque vibe in Denver
The fourth-round pick said Denver was his favorite among his pre-draft visits.

'Now this is your job' -- How rookie orientation prepares players for what is to come
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Rookies crowd Broncos' running back room

Broncos report to rookie mini-camp with many former college team captains
Phillip Lindsay broke down the vibe on Day 1 of Broncos rookie mini-camp in terms easily understood. “We’re babies right now,” he said.

Lindsay willing to play any role to latch on with Broncos
ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) The fieriness of undrafted rookie running back Phillip Lindsay will be put on the backburner.

Broncos' rookie mini-camp filled with former college team captains
ENGLEWOOD — Phillip Lindsay broke down the vibe on Day 1 of Broncos rookie mini-camp in terms easily understood.

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