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Watch Bradley Chubb get his first practice in with the Denver Broncos

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The Denver Broncos fifth-overall pick, Bradley Chubb, got some official practices in on Saturday.

When Bradley Chubb was passed over by the Cleveland Browns with the fourth overall pick, the Denver Broncos threw a trade proposal from the Buffalo Bills into the trash can and made the pick. There was never a scenario where John Elway felt Chubb would be available with their fifth pick, but there he was and there he went.

On Saturday, the local media got their first chance to see Chubb up close and personal during Broncos minicamp. Here are a few shots from practice.

The Broncos three-day minicamp will wrap up on Sunday and the team will begin their OTA’s workouts in a few weeks. The first phase of OTA’s will be from May 22-23, with phase two from May 29-31 and phase three from June 4-7. Mandatory minicamp will be June 12-14.

Chubb will get his first action opposite of Von Miller during those OTA workouts, so that should be fun to see.