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Josey Jewell loves the Denver Broncos team culture

Of the three visits Josey Jewell had before the draft with NFL teams, the Denver Broncos were his favorite place because of the culture there.

NFL: Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos potentially drafted a couple of steals in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft in linebacker Josey Jewell and wide receiver DaeSean Hamilton. The entire Broncos draft class has received high praise around the league, so it has been exciting for fans to get their first look at all of these new players at their rookie minicamp last weekend.

For Josey Jewell, it was a chance to him to talk about his new team after finally getting the chance to hit something in his new uniform - even if it was just a tackling dummy.

His first impression of the Broncos organization was a good one. It happened on April 4th during a pre-draft visit and out of the three teams Jewell visited with he came away most impressed with the Broncos operation.

“Once or twice I’ve been here,” Jewell said of his first impression of Denver. “I came on a visit for the official 30. It was my favorite place out of the three that I visited. It’s special place and I can’t wait to keep on working here.”

In Denver, the culture is a winning culture. John Elway, and Pat Bowlen before him, have maintained an organization structure built around excellence that even an occasional four or five win season cannot penetrate.

“Just the culture, talking to the coaches and the players,” Jewell continued. “It feels like what I grew up with, going to Iowa and then coming here. It’s just an amazing culture and a winning culture.”

As an inside linebacker, Jewell will get to meet and play with one of the best defenses of this generation. Finding his role in that unit will be key for him, especially as a rookie.

“This defense is crazy,” Jewell said of the defense’s characteristics. “They got a lot of playmakers on the defense already. Bringing in the other draft picks up on the front end. They’re just good all-around and it’s an exciting thing to be part of. Hopefully in these next couple of weeks I can be more of a part of it.”

Given how good the Broncos defense is and how much talent there is at every position, Jewell may not see the field much as a rookie. Brandon Marshall won’t likely be giving up snaps to anyone any time soon and if Jewell were to get a few snaps here and there, it would likely come at the expense of Todd Davis.

His primary strength appears to be technique and intelligence on the field. He has a chance to fit in well with this defense in that regard. The defensive unit has sound tackling ability and the high intelligence to read and react to what the opposing offenses are doing.

“It’s a lot of fundamental stuff that we worked on,” Jewell said of being a good tackler. “I think the coaches back in college really helped me out with that. Just being able to focus on that and it’s all about small details. Being able to wrap up and roll, just depending on what kind of tackle you’re supposed to make. That’s all the coaches.”

The fourth-round pick nicknamed “The Outlaw” seems like a perfect personality for a new addition to this defense in 2018 and beyond. As a rookie, his biggest impact may come on special teams. A fact not lost on Jewell.

“Hopefully I can come into special teams and help the coaches, help the players as much as possible there,” Jewell said of how he hopes to contribute as a rookie. “Then if my role extends, that’d be awesome. Whatever the coaches see fit.”

How do you see Jewell’s role on this team beginning in 2018 and beyond?