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Broncos’ De’Angelo Henderson injured in car crash

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The running back’s jeep was T-boned by a suspect fleeing from police in a stolen vehicle.

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

On Saturday night, Denver Broncos running back De’Angelo Henderson was looking forward to dinner with his family. But what should of been a quick trip to get some takeout took a scary turn when a car chase ended at the moment the suspect’s stolen car and Henderson’s jeep collided. The suspect was arrested shortly thereafter and first responders assisted Henderson and several other victims of the multi-car crash.

9 News’s Mike Klis spoke with De’Angelo and tweeted out a good bit of additional detail about the incident. The running back was on his was to pick up some takeout for his family, but his vehicle was hit before he got there. The stolen vehicle T-boned Henderson’s jeep, sending it airborne and flipping it over onto another vehicle. The jeep then rolled off of the other car and came to a stop upside down in the middle of the road.

Henderson was left hanging upside down from his seatbelt. After unbuckling and working himself into a sitting position, he had to ram his driver’s side door open after discovering that it was stuck in place. He crawled out of the vehicle under his own power and was assisted by law enforcement officers and other first responders. Along with several other victims, Henderson was taken to a hospital and checked for further injury. Fortunately, the young Bronco walked away with only scrapes and bruises.

This afternoon, Henderson created an instagram post sharing a photo of his smashed vehicle and his perspective on the incident:

De’Angelo is understandably sore in the aftermath of the wreck. He noted that, “For the most part my body in general is sore. No real injuries. A lot of bruises, a lot of scrapes. But my body is going to get better.” He does have minor sprains in an ankle and a shoulder, but is apparently shrugging them off for the most part. One thing is for sure: his rehab should be in excellent hands at the Broncos’ facility.

The Broncos’ second year running back has kept a positive attitude, despite the scare. He even injected a bit of humor into the situation, noting that the lingering soreness you get from a car wreck feels a lot like the lingering soreness from playing pro football.

It’s a situation that could of had a far more tragic ending. Thankfully though, De’Angelo avoided serious injury and should be good to go for OTAs. There isn’t much information available about the other victims of the wreck, but I believe we can count on Broncos Country to join Henderson in supporting them this week.