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Denver Broncos have worst odds to win the AFC West

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Well, tied for the worst. The Kansas City Chiefs have the same odds as the Denver Broncos to win the AFC West in 2018.

NFL: Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos open with the worst odds to win the AFC West in 2018, but it’s not quite as bad as it sounds at first glance. What the odds say is that the AFC West is going to be one of the more competitive division in football next year.

AFC West Odds

Los Angeles Chargers - 7/4

Oakland Raiders - 11/4

Denver Broncos - 13/4

Kansas City Chiefs - 13/4

A few days ago, John Elway identified the Chargers as “the team to beat” in the AFC West and Vegas agrees. The odds suggest that it should be a four-team dogfight for the AFC West crown and the eventual victor will be the team that comes out on top in close games.

In 2017, the Broncos were rarely in close games after the Bye Week and when they were they lost. That will have to change if they are to compete for the division and a playoff spot.

What do you think of these division odds?