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Von Miller, Garett Bolles make 2017 All-Penalty Team

Von Miller got penalties that are okay to get, while Garett Bolles got penalties that killed drives.

The Denver Broncos had two players make SportFacts annual All-Penalty Team for 2017.

Rookie left tackle, Garett Bolles, was hit with a whooping 12 penalties for 106 yards that ranked second and fifth respectively. Those penalties were mostly of the drive-killing holding variety, so he’ll need to improve on that in his second season.

Von Miller made the list on the other side and while doing the math it appears as though six of his eight penalties were of the neutral zone infraction type. Those five-yard infractions are worth it for Miller to continue getting the jump on the opponent to sack quarterbacks.

His penalties are far less worrisome than the holding penalties Bolles was getting dinged for in 2017.

What do you think of these penalties?