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Paul Boyette Jr. fought to get on the Denver Broncos roster; now has to fight to remain

Defensive lineman, Paul Boyette Jr., has a tough road ahead of him to stand out enough to make the Denver Broncos final 53-man roster. However, he could make enough noise to get onto the practice squad.

Texas v California Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos brought in second-year defensive lineman, Paul Boyette Jr., to tryout in December and he has since stuck around to head into this offseason.

Name: Paul Boyette Jr.
Position: Defensive Lineman
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 310
Age: 24
Experience: 2
College: Texas

Boyette got his first opportunity in the NFL last season as an undrafted free agent with the Oakland Raiders. Of the twelve players the Broncos held tryouts for, Boyette was just one of three they signed.

The Good

He is a strong man who had 29 reps at bench during his Pro Day in 2017 and has a knack for finding ways to generate pressure inside in college.

So far, that has not translated into a strong NFL career, but there is always potential that he is one of those rare late bloomers that come out of nowhere after a few seasons bouncing around on NFL rosters.

The Bad

He spearheaded a front seven in Texas that was just awful in every way. His limited athleticism is also something that has kept him from moving up the depth charts on NFL rosters so far. However, with Bill Kollar he might just get the tutelage he needs to extend and expand his NFL career.


During his senior season, Boyette was the unquestioned leader of the Longhorn’s front seven.

2018 Status

I would consider Boyette a long short to make the Broncos final 53-man roster. However, he could play his way into practice squad consideration. The team suffered through a lot of injuries to their interior line in 2017 and stacking the position using the 10-man practice squad would be an ideal way to maintain cohesion and depth through the regular season.

Boyette’s work ethic and attitude are both in the right place, so I wouldn’t count him out at all this offseason.