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Bradley Chubb attempted to paint the Denver Broncos logo

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So you think you can draw? Let’s hope Bradley Chubb is better at sacking quarterbacks than being an artist.

Last week, Denver Broncos fifth-overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, Bradley Chubb, was asked to attempt to paint the Broncos logo. What should have been an angry looking Bronco turned out to be a rather droopy orange and blue Seahawk.

As hilarious as that was, we at Mile High Report gave our own hand at drawing the Broncos logo. Some of us were quite good (Laurie and Jeff) and others were quite awful (me). Some of us even had our kids give it a try.

For me personally, I tried to draw something about a dozen times and they all were terrible. I even tried to draw it in MS Paint instead and couldn’t even get an outline right. So, I’ll just roll with my original sketch, which happened to be the best iteration of all of my attempts. The Bronco I ended up with is way too happy and way too untrustworthy. It’s the eyes, this Bronco is up to no good...


Then I had my 8-year-old daughter give it a try. Let’s just say she doesn’t get her artistic abilities from her dad. It’s just too close to the original.

Sarah, Age 8

Next up was Laurie and her two boys. She and her eleven year old son, Calvin, have some quality artistic talent. Once I saw those, I knew I was basically going to failboat my own attempt at drawing this logo.


As good as the one is, her son Calvin stole the show with his creation. This is the angriest, baddest ass Bronco there ever was.

Calvin, Age 11

Laurie’s other son, Tanner, may be more Picasso than Rembrandt, but this is what the Broncos would be if you were to cross a Bronco with a shark. And sharks eat pirates, so the Raiders better watch out.

Tanner, Age 8

Jeff got involved, as well, showing off his ability to draw a logo that doesn’t suck. Some have the talent, some don’t. One thing I do know is that I’ll be expecting some better drawn lines and circles on his film breakdowns this year.


Then Joe Mahoney submitted his logo. He actually did it through MS Paint, which having attempted a few myself is not the easiest way to draw something nice. This Bronco looks like he’s had a few too many steroid injections and is now absurdly muscular.

Joe Mahoney

It would appear as though a couple of us possess Bradley Chubb level of artistic talent, but I was surprised to find so many artistic minds on staff that could actually draw things that don’t make people flinch-cringe when seeing it for the first time.

The question is, can any of you do better? ...or worse?