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Von Miller to host 2nd Annual NFL Pass Rusher’s Summit

The Super Bowl 50 MVP has created a unique tradition among NFL defenders

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Von Miller will host his 2nd Annual Pass Rushing Summit this off season after a successful event last year.

Miller, who regularly stays connected with other pass rushers around the league, launched a unique and exclusive event for some of the best edge guys in the NFL.

With a guest list of Vic Beasely, Kalil Mack, Dee Ford, Oliver Vernon, Shane Ray, and of course former Bronco, DeMarcus Ware, it was bound to draw some attention.

This year, Miller is going all out; hosting the event in Branson, Missouri with Bass Pro Shops as a sponsor.

Miller isn’t disclosing all the attendees yet, but confirmed that Demarcus Ware will likely be there, along with Warren Sapp as “coaches”. He also hopes Bradley Chubb can attend if his rookie schedule permits.

It may seem strange to fans that Miller would be helping “the enemy”, but he sees it as a unique place for some of the best in the game to share knowledge in a close knit fraternity of rushers.

It’s a great space that we can go talk about knowledge and share knowledge. It’s the only place where you can do that. It’s the only place that you can get [Raiders DE] Khalil Mack and [Falcons OLB] Vic Beasley in the same spot—other than the Pro Bowl—and talk about straight pass rushing and what it takes to be a great pass rusher from the young guys’ point of view. It’s great for everyone around.

Miller said he never really intended it to be this big of an event, but took advantage of an opportunity that arose last year.

“It just happened. I think I told this story last year, I’ve been trying to work with Vic Beasley for a long time because our games are similar, probably more than any other pass rusher out there. I’ve been trying to work with Vic Beasley for a long time. [Chargers Linebackers] Coach [Richard] Smith, he had left here and went to the Atlanta Falcons, and he was trying to get me to work with Vic. That season it didn’t happen because we won a Super Bowl and it was just crazy for me. So last year I finally got an offseason and I reached out to Vic to see if he could do it. I told Vic, Vic said he was going to come to San Francisco. Vic told the media that he was going to work out with me. The media blew it up to this pass rushing summit, and I was like ‘Yeah, you’re right, I’d might as well just take advantage of this hype and really do a pass rush summit.’ I invited all these guys and boom, it was beyond my wildest dreams. Once you get an opportunity like that, you’ve just got to take advantage of it. That’s what life’s about.”

It’s unclear whether or not the event will be open to the public, so stay tuned. The summit will be at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, MO from June 27-29.