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HT: The “dreaded” Von Miller

Miller lost a bet, but he had some fun with it by bringing a new kind of dread to the practice field on the last day of minicamp.

Denver Broncos v Miami Dolphins Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Possibly my favorite quality of Von Miller’s, aside from his ability to wreck NFL quarterbacks, is just how multi-faceted the man is. He’s this badass linebacker, an elite athlete and a household name. At the same time, he’s the guy who gives kids free glasses, does commercial spots for Geek Squad, and talks about his plans to someday own a chicken farm. How can you not love a genuine character like that?

Miller’s fun side was on full display yesterday during the final day of mandatory minicamp. The eighth-year linebacker seemed to have lost a bet. As a result, Miller sported a full head of dreadlocks as the team ran through their drills. The wig was still solidly in place later, during Miller’s media appearance.

Miller wouldn’t reveal the details of his lost bet, but he did add that he thought he looked cool with the dreads. He also noted that fellow pass rusher Melvin Ingram and Jadaveon Clowney sport dreadlocks, so maybe the dreads’ magic would rub off on him for the day too.

But the dreads weren’t just for practice. The wig contributed to some hijinks at the team’s Taste of the Broncos event, as Miller explained:

“No, it was funny. We did the undercover waiter for Taste of the Broncos and we went to Garden Grace. Yeah, it was fun. I think after about, like, 20 minutes they knew it was me though. But at first it was fun; I was making guys mad and stuff and eating off of people’s plates. It was fun.”

One thing Miller was definitely excited about was the return of his old partner in crime— DeMarcus Ware joined the Broncos this week as a part time pass rushing consultant (read as coach). Even better, as we fans will see it, is the fact that Ware had his choice between joining the Cowboys or the Broncos and he chose the Broncos.

Von was definitely enthusiastic:

“It’s great having D-Ware out here. I kind of feel like we’re getting ready for fight camp. I’m getting ready to go in for, like, a championship fight and they brought D-Ware in to help me out. He knows me the best; we did some great things together. We respond well together. They hired him back and it should work out well for all of us—not just me.”

As Miller noted, it’s not only he who will benefit from Ware’s presence and wisdom. Undrafted rookie Jeff Holland has to be ecstatic about the development, as his odds of A) making the team and B) forging a long and successful career in the NFL have both just gone up. The team has a greater need for Holland since Shane Ray will be out for a while.

Bradley Chubb is another guy who stands to benefit, and that’s more than a little exciting. I can’t really say it any better than Miller did:

“I think he’s getting the best of both worlds. I mean, he’s got a Hall of Famer. He’s got a guy that has done everything right. You’ve got a technician. You’ve got ‘Captain Football’ in DeMarcus and then you’ve got me that’s going to keep it all the way real about everything. Tell you how I feel and is going to be honest. Not that DeMarcus isn’t—he does all of that stuff too, but you’ve got more of a laidback leader too. He’s got the best of both worlds. I wish I would’ve had that combo. DeMarcus taught me so much, so hopefully he’ll be able to learn some of the same stuff I learned from DeMarcus as well.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I think there are several quarterbacks out there who are going to be every bit as unsettled by this development as I am excited by it.

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