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Early Madden 19 ratings are out and the Denver Broncos aren’t getting much respect

The Denver Broncos have just one player above 90 overall and that is Von Miller.

Some early Madden 19 ratings were released by a Youtuber via the EA Sports Game Changers program. The Denver Broncos are a mere 77 overall, with a 75 on offense and 83 on defense.

For their top three, the ratings begin to get a little confusing. Chris Harris Jr., the second actual best player on the roster behind Von Miller isn’t even in the top three. It goes Miller (98), Emmanuel Sanders (88), and Demaryius Thomas (86).

I would say Thomas is the better overall player over Sanders and I’m not even sure I would have Sanders in the top five. If I were to rank the five best players on the Broncos roster right now it would go Miller, Harris, Thomas, Matt Paradis, and Ronald Leary.

In any case, what are you thoughts on these rankings?

Overall, the Broncos are ranked in the bottom half of the league in these Madden 19 ratings. They clearly overvalue some teams and undervalue others.