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Denver Broncos sign rookie Bradley Chubb to four-year deal

The Denver Broncos sign Bradley Chubb. The deal is expected to be a 4-year contract worth approximately $27.27 million.

According to Mike Klis of 9News, the Denver Broncos have signed their fifth overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft, Bradley Chubb, to a four-year deal that should be worth about $27.27 million. The signing bonus is expected to be $17.914 million and, of course, the team will get a fifth-year option on the contract.

Former Broncos edge rusher and Super Bowl champion, DeMarcus Ware, also noted that Chubb could be the “next me” paired along side Von Miller. That fearsome combo of Ware and Miller catapulted the Broncos to that Super Bowl 50 title, so it would be very good for Chubb to turn into the “next Ware” for this football team.

The only rookie still unsigned by the Broncos now is running back Royce Freeman. Given the structure of the CBA, it won’t be long before Freeman is under contract.