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HT: Look! A distraction from the offseason news drought!

How about a little mental game to stave off offseason boredom?

Denver Broncos v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

We’re in the depths of the offseason, Broncos Country, and the fight against boredom as we wait for training camp to start is very real. But even if there’s no football to entertain us right now, we can at least entertain ourselves for a bit.

Yesterday, Hart mentioned a tradition of making prospect anagrams on the Orange Mane every year in the MHR staff chat. That sparked a run of creative and competitive anagrams of Broncos players past and present. So I figure why not roll with it and spread some fun as we head into the weekend?

Note: An anagram is when you take several words, for instance someone’s name, and rearrange the letters to form a new set of words. The challenge is then for the reader to figure out what the original words were. A good example is the “Tom Marvolo Riddle” = “I am Lord Voldemort” scene from the second Harry Potter book/movie.

So here are some anagrams of the names of Denver Broncos players past and present. Some are mine, while others were created by Hart or Scotty. See if you can figure them out and feel free to post your guesses in the comment section. Or even better, create a few of your own and let’s see if you can stump the other members!

Present Day Broncos

Manured Salesmen
Racked War Mules
Handsome Natalie
Lankiest Women
Mercenary Foe
Bark Cremation
Chalky Led
Folk Weeder
Amorality Gulf
Gene Quit Kmart
Housemaid Smarty

Past Broncos

Colonist Print
Hyena Jowl
Avast Tweeter
Acme Reward Us
Blank Merger Luck
Agent Mop Ninny
Ashen Horn Pans
All Diverters

Show us what you’ve got, Broncos fans.

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