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Chris Harris Jr. sees a young Khalil Mack in Bradley Chubb

Chris Harris Jr. has some high praise for Denver Broncos fifth overall pick Bradley Chubb.

In an interview on Wednesday with Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt on Sirius XM NFL Radio, Denver Broncos cornerback Chris Harris Jr. compared rookie fifth-overall pick Bradley Chubb to a young Khalil Mack.

“Oh, man, he has all the tools,” Harris said “He kind of looks like a young Khalil Mack. Big, he’s around 280, around there. He can move, so I see him being all over the field. I think he’ll start. He’s been able to be that big of an impact player in OTAs, so I think he’ll start next year across from Von, for sure.”

Mack, who plays for the Oakland Raiders, is a different style of edge rusher than a Von Miller, but still considered one of the elite outside linebackers in the NFL today. At 6’4”, 270 pounds, Chubb has the speed of Mack yet outweighs him by nearly 20 pounds.

Both ran a 4.65 40-yard dash, a 4.20 2-yard shuttle, and benched 23-24 reps at their respective NFL combines.

If Chubb is anywhere on the level of Mack, the Broncos are going to have the most fearsome duo potentially in NFL history.