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Is Max Garcia still considered an option at Guard for the Broncos?

Our 90 player review series continues with Max Garcia who was the starting Left Guard for the Broncos in 2017

NFL: Denver Broncos at Buffalo Bills Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The obvious problem with the Denver Broncos line in 2017 was the Right Tackle, but Max Garcia at Left Guard was one of the other large problems with the offense as a whole. He enters this season fighting for his starting spot on the line.

Name: Max Garcia
Position: Guard
Height: 6’ 4”
Weight: 309
Age: 26
Experience: 4th Season
College: Florida

The Good

Garcia is a player who knows the NFL game. His biggest upside is being familiar with how to be a pro and how the business of NFL football works.

The Bad

Gracia gets over-powered in the run blocking game. He also struggles at pass blocking. Not only in technique, but also in power and ability. One of the most common insights I shared last year in my NBR series of game reviews was that oftentimes Bolles was looking bad because he was trying to cover up for the ineptitude of the play at left guard next to him.


Late last season, offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave noted that Garcia was playing better. It may or may not have been a factual statement.

“Max is playing better. I like the way Max is being more physical, he’s finishing and he’s picking people off the pile. I know [Offensive Line] Coach [Jeff] Davidson is pleased with Max’s development.”

2018 Status

The Broncos have not been afraid of bringing in new blood for the offensive line aside from trying to develop the guards they have on the team already. With McGovern looking like a more powerful guard along with the young faces they brought in for training camp, it is very likely in my opinion that the team moves Ron Leary back to LG and has a new face at RG with Garcia being purely a back-up player for the team.