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Denver Broncos will have plenty of youth at running back

Devontae Booker is the veteran presence for the Denver Broncos, in just his third season.

NFL: Denver Broncos at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos running back group is going to be young in 2018. Royce Freeman and Phillip Lindsay will have Devontae Booker to look to as their veteran guide, but really, they are all just ready to compete.

All three running backs were asked about the competition as OTAs came to a close.

For Booker, it’s simple. “Really just competing with the other guys. That’s what I’m looking forward to. All of them are going to push me and I’m going to push them to the fullest. So, I’m really looking forward to the competitiveness that all the guys bring.”

Heading into his third season, he knows the grind of an NFL season. The competition should provide motivation, which will bring out the best in the group.

Freeman sees that same motivation from the other backs. “I’m feeling good. It’s fun just to be competing with those type of backs helping each other out. I think when we see each other do well, it drives the whole running back room.”

Lindsay, as an undrafted free agent, has the most to prove. He understands that each player in the room has their own style, and that adds value. “We’re all different,” said Lindsay. “We have different styles but we are going to compete and we’re going to make each other better. Because at the end of the day, we all need each other. Everybody is working hard and I’m just here to compete for a job.”

For Booker, his role has changed to that of veteran in the room. His experience, while limited, will serve as a guide to the other young backs. Booker doesn’t see his role changing much, as he looks to lead by example. “It could change a little bit, but I’m still going to go out each day and grind and work hard and have these coaches believe in me.”

Freeman is excited about the idea of having a young group and being able to grow together. For now, the group will take some time off. They all have their own plans, but Lindsay sounds like he is looking for every edge to make the team. When asked about what he was going to do during their break he didn’t sound like a guy who was going to be complacent.

“Just work hard mentally and physically,” Freeman said. “Just brush up on the little things. Continue to work on my punt return catching and kick return catching. Even work on special teams drills. Everything that can get me to that next level.”

The Broncos will be relying on this young group to fill the void left by C.J. Anderson. They will be one of the most watched group of players during training camp and beyond. Booker knows there are a lot of weapons out there, and he is excited about what the running back group can do to contribute.