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Broncos put banner up of stadium name at Mile High

The Denver Broncos could have done better here, but maybe they are optimistic that an advertiser is right around the corner.

Welcome to Broncos Stadium at Mile High. Provided the wind doesn’t blow away this fancy looking tarp attached to the side of the stadium. 9News shared these photos on Monday to herald in a new era with the stadium in Denver and as much as they tried to hype it up, many fans - this one included - were left unimpressed.

Look, I’m a Broncos fan as much as I am a blogger who covers the team. The franchise could have done better here. The banner looks cheap and cheesy. It simply doesn’t carry the same prestige that one would hope from a proud franchise like the Broncos.

The silver lining, I guess, is that we no longer have to hear “Sports Authority Field at Mile High” every five seconds. So in that regard, #WeAreBRONCOS!