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Broncos’ 2018 NFL Draft showed tendency towards maturity and leadership

The Denver Broncos focused on maturity and leadership when drafting players in 2018.

NFL: Denver Broncos Rookie Minicamp Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Norris from RotoWorld compiled all of the words used by the Denver Broncos’ front office staff and coaches to learn what their thought process was with each 2018 NFL Draft selection.

The most interesting information he found had to do with the second round pick and how the Broncos decided to go with Courtland Sutton when Will Hernandez went off the board or at least what we can assume was Hernandez. That changed the entire draft board.

2 (40). WR Courtland Sutton, SMU - Big and fast. Really raw. Tremendous ceiling and upside. Can help us right away… Thought we had an offensive lineman but it didn’t happen that way… We need to sharpen his route route running ability. Has all the physicals tools necessary. Third receiver is like a third corner, everyone is in sub package, everyone is in three wide. It’s like a starter. He can play X, Z, he can play in the slot… His skill set is special. He has No. 1 traits as a receiver. He can be that in the future… Character reports were tremendous.

Then with Royce Freeman, it was all about adding a player who had breakaway speed and an ability to break tackles at the next level.

3 (71). RB Royce Freeman, Oregon - Has carried the ball a lot. Tremendous production. Big banger which we haven’t had for a while… Running back spot is open. Gotta have 2 or 3 backs anyways… Big back with speed… Workload shows that he is durable. Wasn’t a concern for us… Has a lot better speed than CJ Anderson. Breakaway speed. If we can get him on the safeties he has a chance to break it… Hope to three round picks can help right away

The third bit had to do with the inside linebacker position played by Todd Davis. One of the slips was that the team saw Jewell as a strong side Mike.

4 (106). LB Josey Jewell, Iowa - All of our picks have a level of maturity. When you go on a losing streak you need that level of maturity… Coaching the Senior Bowl is a clear advantage. We drafted three players from that team. You don’t draft guys blindly… Will be a MIKE backer for us. Great instincts. Great size. Strong side Mike for us.

The whole thing is a good read, especially for those who like to keep tabs on the AFC West rivals.

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