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Filed under:’s Bucky Brooks projects 8 sacks for rookie linebacker Bradley Chubb

What expectations do you have for rookie linebacker Bradley Chubb as we head towards Training Camp?

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement.’s Bucky Brooks projected what kinda of season 11 notable defensive rookies will have in 2018. He listed the best-case and worst-case scenarios for each of these 11 rookies while giving a stat projection for their rookie years. This list obviously included the Broncos fifth-overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, NC State linebacker, Bradley Chubb.

Here is what Brooks believes will be Chubb’s best-case scenario for himself and the Broncos this upcoming season.

Best-case scenario: The Broncos’ defense could vault back into the “best in the business” conversation if Chubb plays like a Pro Bowl-caliber pass rusher opposite Von Miller. The 6-4, 269-pound sack master flashes a combination of skills that makes him a hybrid of Khalil Mack and Miller off the edge. As one of the few pass rushers capable of winning with physicality and finesse, Chubb could be an immediate shop-wrecker on a front line that features three legitimate pass rushers (Miller, Chubb and Derek Wolfe) at the point of attack.

I think this scenario is much more likely(biased of course). Chubb’s talent is undeniable and he will likely be starting opposite of star pass-rusher Von Miller on an already talented defense. This should give Chubb many one-on-one chances and opportunities to get after the quarterback. I think 10+ sacks is not out of the question for Chubb.

Now, of course, we need to look at Brooks worst-case scenario for Chubb.

Worst-case scenario: It takes time for some edge defenders to master the art of the pass rush, and Chubb could be a slow starter when it comes to generating sack production off the edge. If he fails to develop an effective fastball as a rookie, the Broncos’ pass rush won’t be good enough to help the team reclaim the top spot in the AFC West.

Again, I’m obviously biased but I do not see this happening. Chubb is already a refined pass rusher and should hit the field running. I already stated he will be surrounded by talent and the attention will not be on him with Von Miller on the field. So this outcome would honestly surprise me.

Now for the projection, Brooks has Chubb totaling 40 tackles, eight sacks and, three forced fumbles his rookie year. As 9NEWS Denver’s Mike Klis told Orange and Blue 760’s Ryan Edwards, Andrew Mason, and Steve Atwater, this probably wouldn’t earn him Defensive Rookie honors but would be a good year.

Now while I would be happy with that sort of year from Chubb, I honestly think 10 to 12 sacks is obtainable for Chubb in this defense. So now I ask you Mile High Report, would you be happy with a 40 tackle, 8 sack, and three forced fumble season from Bradley Chubb? I’ll also ask you to give us what YOU think Chubb will do his rookie year.