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Tom Nalen sees power struggle for Broncos ownership

Denver’s Ring of Fame center was on Thursday’s Vic Lombardi Show and he gave a provocative answer on the state of ownership.

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Denver Broncos v San Diego Chargers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Tom Nalen has always been one-of-a-kind.

From his days as the Denver Broncos center when he refused to talk to the media to a year-and-a-half ago when he abruptly left Denver radio station Altitude 950, Nalen follows the beat of his own drum.

So when the Broncos Ring of Famer speaks, that makes it must-listen radio. That was the case on Thursday morning when the Vic Lombardi Show interviewed Nalen for the first time since he left the station. It’s a remarkable interview with Will Petersen and James Merilatt. Nalen talked about what he’s been up to these days, if he would attend the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony if he was ever inducted, and the Broncos ownership situation. That ongoing circus involves Beth Bowlen Wallace, Brittany Bowlen and the Pat Bowlen Trust, headed by president and CEO of the franchise Joe Ellis. The Trust serves as Denver’s current de facto owner.

“It feels like the current power structure seems to want to maintain their power structure as long as they can,” Nalen said. “So they’ve basically said, ‘that one’s not worthy but this one will be in eight years.’ They seem both qualified to take the job but there’s an age limit to take on the ownership of the team. I know one is clearly old enough to run the team and seems to have checked off all the boxes, but it seems subjective. I just think there’s some people that want to maintain control of the team that, at this point, I don’t think they have the right to.”

As you probably gathered since Nalen is involved, the whole interview is 100 percent unique and a must listen.