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PFF analyst expects Case Keenum to take a step back this season

Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus didn’t mince words expressing his opinion on Case Keenum’s potential with the Denver Broncos.

Orange & Blue 760 interviewed Sam Monson, the Lead NFL Analyst with Pro Football Focus today and the focus initially was on how the Denver Broncos would find a way to replace Aqib Talib in the secondary, which was interesting in its own way. However, what caught my attention in this clip was his comments on Case Keenum later in the segment.

Monson had Keenum all the way down in his third tier of quarterbacks. His reasoning was a mix of Keenum playing in a dome last season and his doubt that the Broncos will have a wide receiver who will go up and fight for those jump balls.

Both are valid concerns. As much as I love Demaryius Thomas and believe him to be one of the all-time greatest Broncos, he has to get back to his old self this season. He didn’t seem to fight as hard for those contested passes over the last two seasons and hopefully that was due to his lack of faith in the quarterback situation than him changing the way he plays the game.

Do you think Keenum will take a step back an if so, how big of a step back will we see?