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Derek Wolfe: Offensive line ‘playing as one’

The Denver Broncos offensive line is looking much crisper this year than last according to Derek Wolfe.

After Day 2 of Denver Broncos training camp ended, Derek Wolfe met with the media and had some words to share on his opinion of the offensive line.

He noted that the offensive line seemed more cohesive and playing as one, which is in stark contrast to what he was seeing from that unit this time last year.

“Absolutely,” Wolfe said on if he’s seen improvement in offensive line play. “No offense, but last year it felt like we could get by them at will. This year it’s not like that at all. They’re getting a lot better.”

In the video above, he talked about how well they are getting along and how much they all like each other. That’s the kind of chemistry you hope to see from the offensive line unit. Wolfe talked up both Case Keenum and the quality of coaching the line seems to be getting to start training camp.

Considering the level of anxiety fans have over the offensive line play, given how poorly it has been the last several seasons, this is very encouraging news. Of course, we’ll have to see if it all pans out, but so far Wolfe is clearly happy with what he is seeing from the offensive line this season.

Garett Bolles chimed in on one of the key changes on the line noting how ‘grateful’ he is to have Ronald Leary next to him on the line.

“He just continues to help me with the little things that I think are going to me craft my game,” Bolles said of Leary. “It’s very nice having him next to me and knowing that he’s so consistent in what he does.”

All attention should now be on the right side of the line as Jared Veldheer takes over at right tackle and Connor McGovern battles it out for the right guard spot.