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Broncos’ Emmanuel Sanders enjoying this offensive party in Dove Valley

It may not be ‘wide receiver heaven’ yet, but it’s definitely a lot more fun than the recent past for No. 10.

Casey Barrett

It took Emmanuel Sanders 0.1 seconds to answer a question on what it will mean to have 20-yard plus throws this season.

“It’s going to mean a win.”

That will of course depend on many things, but it’s definitely nice to see Sanders talking up the offense - and its quarterback.

“We know that we’re going to have a good defense,” Sanders said, adding that it’s up to the playmakers to do their jobs. “Offensively, we can pick it up or we can carry our own weight and just keep flying under the radar, which I like. I feel like we’re going to be alright.”

Especially now with Case Keenum under center.

“We got our quarterback. That’s one question that we can check off. We got our quarterback,” he said. “And it’s all about putting that work in when we’ve got a guy that’s the leader of this football team and who wants to be the leader of this team. He’s a veteran quarterback and he’s out there making all of the —I’m not going to say all of the right reads — but he’s making the right reads for sure. He’s spreading the ball around and it’s fun.”

It’s also obvious. It may not be “wide receiver heaven” just yet, but it’s definitely not the hell we’ve all been suffering the last two years.

On the first day of camp, No. 10 caught a long ball down the sideline that was classic Sanders. On Day Two, he joined rookie DaeSean Hamilton and fellow vet Demaryius Thomas with one-handed catches. Because you don’t leave Sanders out of the party if you know what’s good for you.

“DaeSean started it off first with the one-hander. Then Demaryius came and made one. So, I was like, ‘Alright let me join the party,’ and they invited me,” he joked.

But in all seriousness, Sanders is actually excited about this season, and it shows in his body language during the news conferences.

Plus, Sanders is getting the ball a lot, and you know he likes that.

“As long as I’m touching the ball, it keeps me happy. So right now, I’m touching the ball and having fun out there,” he said, adding that he’s known since Keenum’s college days that the guy could “sling the ball up and down the field. I know what he can be if he taps into his greatness and right now he’s tapping into it.”

But Sanders is also impressed with the rookies and what that’s going to mean for Keenum.

“I tell you what, we’ve got some good rookies. We’ve got some good rookies,” he said. “Me and D.T. told them yesterday, ‘Hey we’re going to need you guys to step up.’ Courtland has been making big-time plays, DaeSean has been making big-time plays. You never know what could happen throughout the season … We need those guys. They understand that, and we’re trying to get this wide receiver corps together right now, and when Week 1 comes, we’re all ready to ball and we’re all making plays.”

Looking ahead through training camp and the season, the wide receiver is just hoping to see more of what he’s seeing so far.

“I just want to see us bust our butts and work hard. We all know what it’s supposed to look like and as long as you’re hustling and you’re getting in shape — we’re out here making plays. Not only making easy plays, but tough plays,” he said. “That right there leads to what we’re going to do in the games.”

Despite all the grief Vance Joseph has gotten for his “good practice” comments, Sanders pointed out that you have to practice what you plan to do in the games.

And he’s right.

“What we’re going to do on the practice field is what we’re going to do in the game, hands down,” he said. “You don’t just show up on a Sunday and be like ‘Oh!’ On Sundays you’re like, ‘Oh, we’ve seen that catch a million times.’ Right now, Odell Beckham is making those one-handed catches. That translates into the game. What we are right now is what we’re going to be on Sundays, and so we’ve got to get it right out here.”


Which wide receiver will catch the first touchdown pass from Case Keenum in a preseason game?

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  • 33%
    Emmanuel "I want the ball" Sanders
    (203 votes)
  • 35%
    Demaryius "I can knock you over if I want to" Thomas
    (210 votes)
  • 14%
    Courtland "Let me show you how that’s done, OBJ" Sutton
    (89 votes)
  • 5%
    DaeSean "Umm...I think I had the first one-handed catch" Hamilton
    (34 votes)
  • 10%
    (62 votes)
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