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Denver Broncos training camp 2018: Day 4 live blog, Twitter feed, and more

The Denver Broncos will be in full pads for the first time in training camp.

Casey Barrett- Mile High Report

The Denver Broncos will put on the pads for the first time in training camp this year and it should be a pretty intense day for them. So far the entire team has entered this camp completely focused and driven. The attitude just feels different this year.

On Monday, head coach Vance Joseph noted that he hopes to see some growth from some of the younger players over the next two days.

“Absolutely, it’s a grind,” Joseph said. “That’s a major part of being an NFL player. Some guys can’t handle the grind. As camp moves on and you put pads on more often, it gets physical and guys get sore, some guys make their move. A guy with less ability may have the mental capacity to make it through the soreness and tough days, and makes his move. A guy with talent who doesn’t have that, he moves down the depth chart. Absolutely, it’s going to change four or five times because of the grind and the pads being on. It’s football, it’s tough.”

There will be more contact, but tackling is not going to be part of the session today. Joseph wants to see guys get more physical and fly faster to the ball, which is all part of the process this early in training camp.

For now, here’s your live updates for Day 4 of Broncos camp.

Broncos Camp Day 4 - Live Blog