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Emmanuel Sanders is likely to take a big leap forward in 2018

Emmanuel Sanders should benefit from a new offensive system and better quarterbacking with the Denver Broncos this season

Name: Emmanuel Sanders
Position: Wide Receiver
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 180
Age: 31
Experience: 9th Season
College: Southern Methodist

The Good

I have an awful lot of good things to say about Sanders’ game. He’s a superb route runner and he has both break away speed and quickness in his cuts.

Probably my favorite thing about Sanders is his selflessness once the cleats come on though. He’s a tough as nails football player who sells out for every catch. He also blocks like a Tasmanian Devil with great effort.

The Bad

The only knock I’ve sniffed of his game is rumors that he isn’t keen on playing the Z role on offense. He has the skills to do it at a superb level, but the downside is that in most route combinations, the Z isn’t the guy you send deep which is something Sanders loves to do.


Sanders on staying happy with 20+ yard plays:

“As long as I’m touching the ball, it keeps me happy. So right now, I’m touching the ball and having fun out there.”

2018 Status

Sanders is a lock as one of the Denver Broncos starting wide receivers. What is most interesting to look for is how the offense uses him as the season starts.