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Broncos vs. Vikings: What to watch for in first preseason game

Brandon Perna of That’s Good Broncos shared his thoughts on the Denver Broncos first preseason game against the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday.

In the video above, Brandon Perna of That’s Good Broncos completely disregarded the quarterback position, which might be due to some Trevor Siemian hurt he may still be feeling after eating too many skittles last year.

But Paxton Lynch is still with the Denver Broncos, so Perna couldn’t stay away for long as he called for Lynch’s removal from the team. That’s a position many of us fans are either on board with or at least okay with whether you choked on too many skittles last year or threw all your skittles in the garbage immediately.

He did a great job breaking down the rest of the interesting position battles in ways only Perna can do, so I’ll focus on the quarterback that matters here.

Case Keenum will only get one or two series on Saturday, which isn’t much. We’ll want to see some efficiency and composure back there from Keenum, especially when under pressure. He could go a long way to giving the players on this roster hope that they could contend in 2018.

And yes, I skipped the 40 seconds of farting Perna led his video with. I am not sorry. Ha!