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Broncos start preseason with more questions than answers

The Denver Broncos finally hit the field. It was meaningless, but meant so much.

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos first preseason game was a loss to the Minnesota Vikings. It was only a preseason game, but it was a pretty big let down. Chad Kelly gave Broncos Country a thrill at the end, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

The most important takeaway from the Broncos first preseason game was the flatline performance by the first team offense. Case Keenum’s one completion was just a five yarder to Demaryius Thomas. There were far too many opportunities for Marquette King. Certainly a far cry from the acrobatic touchdown catches from Courtland Sutton during training camp.

The first team defense wasn’t exactly lighting anybody up, either. The Vikings marched right down the field and made the Broncos look all around unprepared. Before we get too concerned, Von Miller never put on his shoulder pads. Can’t disrupt the offense wearing a baseball cap and glasses.

The ride didn’t really start in Denver until the backups got on the field. And what happened on that ride was likely the end of Paxton Lynch in Denver. Lynch looked bad, but that is nothing new. The team has grown accustomed to his batted balls at the line, and his interceptions, and his inability to read a defense. What was not expected was how bad he would look next to his competition for the backup job.

Chad Kelly is like the rollercoaster at the amusement park, incredible highs, stomach churning drops, and vomit inducing lows. Lynch is the guy who guesses your weight; disinterested, no fun, and never really accurate.

Watching Kelly battle with Kyle Sloter down the stretch was actually fun. The game didn’t pick up until their back and forth began. Kelly’s touchdown pass to Philip Lindsey on 3rd and 11 was a thing of beauty. His 4th quarter interception could not have been more telegraphed. Highs and lows.

While the Broncos came out second best, Lynch was the biggest loser on the field. Kelly fired up the fans, fired up the players, and put points on the board.

At the end of the Broncos first preseason game of 2018, the first team struggles are a concern. They aren’t the end of the world, but clearly something important to watch. The career of Paxton Lynch looks over, and the rise of Chad Kelly has begun. He earned his chance to play with the twos. What is even more apparent? Kyle Sloter never should have been allowed to leave Denver.