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Joseph: Paxton Lynch ‘upset’ over demotion

According to Head Coach Vance Joseph, Paxton Lynch was upset and wanted to know why when it came to his demotion.

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

After a pretty rough outing against the Minnesota Vikings and the subsequent big night from Chad Kelly, just about every Denver Broncos fans on the planet expected Paxton Lynch to be demoted to the third-string. It happened.

It happened and apparently Lynch had no idea it was coming and felt the need to ask why.

“He is upset and he didn’t like it,” Head Coach Vance Joseph said on Tuesday. “He wants to know why. He’s got to play better. It’s as simple as that. It’s a competition. It’s the league. Everyone is doing this. No one is not playing their best players. It’s really more about Chad [Kelly]. Chad has competed and Chad’s played well. If Chad’s not playing well, [Lynch] is still the 2. It’s really more about what Chad has done from the spring to now.”

Lynch was hammered for that comment from Joseph too. Part of me hopes Joseph wasn’t referencing specific words used and just could see Lynch was searching for answers and provided them.

He does need to play better. He needs to study better. He needs to live, eat, breathe quarterbacking in order to succeed in the NFL. So far, he hasn’t done that.

Broncos Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave noted that Lynch has accepted his new role and is doing the work he needs to do to keep competing for his spot on the team.

“I think he’s stayed with it,” Musgrave said of Lynch on Tuesday. “He stayed in the competitive mode, whether he’s running with the two’s or the three’s. He’s gotten better in the last two days and I think all of our offensive guys have really applied themselves both yesterday afternoon and this morning. I’m pleased to see those responses.”

Our own Scotty Payne has noted multiple times that Lynch’s biggest issue at this point in his career is the total lack of confidence in himself. He has a lot he still needs to work on, but its hard to compete when you are lacking confidence at every level of your game.

A move to the third-team might just be the move that helps Lynch recover from a very rough start to his short NFL career. He’s just got to keep grinding.

Musgrave had a very positive message for Lynch this week, “My message to Paxton? ‘Just keep working, keep working and no matter when you get in the practice, no matter when you get in the game, put your best foot forward and continue to strive. As a young player get better every day.’”

The only question now is whether or not Lynch will finally rise to the occasion. His football career is now literally on the line.