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Live updates from Day 13 of Denver Broncos training camp

The Denver Broncos start Day 13 of their training camp sessions today.

Casey Barrett- Mile High Report

The Denver Broncos will have their final day of public training camp sessions on Wednesday. The day also marks the first of two joint practice sessions with the Chicago Bears.

Joint practice sessions are always fun. Head Coach Vance Joseph hopes to see some growth from the team playing a new scheme and new opponents after hitting each other for the last three weeks.

“You watch our defense now versus our offense, our defense has seen these plays for almost three weeks now,” Joseph said on Tuesday. “It’s easy for them. To see a different scheme, to play against a different body type, that’s going to be huge for our team as far as schematics and for evaluation of our team. It’s going to be huge.”

There might be fights, but hopefully only scuffles. The point of these joint practice sessions is to help both teams get better heading into the regular season.

Stay tuned for live updates from Broncos camp. Here’s your live updates for Day 13 of Broncos camp.

Broncos Camp Day 13 - Live Blog