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Emmanuel Sanders on Kyle Fuller: ‘I guess I have a son’

It looks like Chicago Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller has a new daddy. His name is Emmanuel Sanders.

Casey Barrett - Mile High Report

The Denver Broncos concluded their two joint practice sessions with the Chicago Bears on Thursday and one player had a lot of fun at the expense of another. That player was Emmanuel Sanders.

He reportedly abused cornerback Kyle Fuller over and over again on Wednesday and on Thursday. Someone said Fuller had a new dad and Sanders definitely heard them say it.

“Y’all saw the film,” Sanders said on if he won the individual battles against Fuller. “Somebody said he was my son, so I guess I have a son (laughing).”

You don’t get many ‘Who’s your daddy’ jokes in the NFL, so I would expect Fuller to be ready to pop Sanders in the mouth on Saturday - preseason game or not. That said, Sanders is enjoying the ride.

When asked what his son Princeton felt about Sander’s having another son he laughed saying, “He wants a brother anyways.”

There is definitely going to be some salt on the field between these two. Hopefully it stays fun and in jest, but I wouldn’t count on it.