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Derek Wolfe is revitalized and ready for the 2018 season

Our player review series continues with Derek Wolfe who is feeling pain free and ready to wreck some scrubs this NFL season

New York Giants v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Name: Derek Wolfe
Position: Defensive End
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 285
Age: 28
Experience: 7th Season
College: Cincinnati

The Good

Derek Wolfe is the stud run stuffing defensive end every 3-4 defense wants. He’s turned into one of the NFL’s best run defenders and is the guy that gets the dirty work done in the trenches that helps make the pass rush work.

Wolfe has more power than burst, and is praised most for his unstoppable motor ever since he got drafted by the Denver Broncos years ago.

Also let me say as a fan, I absolutely love his no-nonsense manner of answering the media with an honesty and frankness that is in today’s day and age refreshing to hear.

The Bad

The biggest question mark with Wolfe is his injury history. He’s had a slew of problems with his neck in the past couple of much so that many questioned whether it was even a good idea for him to keep playing (which is of course only a question he can answer).


On playing without pain:

“You get to focus on your technique more because you’re not worried about protecting yourself. You open your game to a lot more, especially pass-rush wise. You don’t have to worry about if that center comes and hits you in that right side, ‘Oh, I’m going to lose that feeling in my right arm so I have to protect it.’ When you can really work your pass-rushing moves all the way through, it changes your game.”

2018 Status

This dude is a lock to start at defensive end until he retires or his game deteriorates for the Broncos. He’s a Denver Bronco through and through who’s signed a very team-friendly contract and has done nothing but put it all out on the field year after year.