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3 Broncos who have helped themselves the most so far at training camp

Who’s stock are you buying and who’s are you selling after five days of camp?

Today Apple made history as the first company to ever reach a trillion (with a ‘T’) dollars in market cap, as it’s stock has continued its upward trajectory in recent days. (Disclaimer: this is not an investment recommendation and past results do not predict future performance)

Some players’ stock have also been climbing over the last few days as reports have poured in from training camp about who has shined and impressed so far.

Our very own Ian Henson joined the Orange and Blue 760 team to talk this very subject (and more). Ian’s top three offensive players who’s stock has risen are:

River Cracraft

David Williams

The 7th round pick out of Arkansas has shown great toughness and is the biggest back on the team, and probably the one with the most power in his running style. He could stick as a short yardage/goal line back.

Tim Patrick

The towering receiver burst onto the camp scene two days ago with several big plays, and is making the most of his opportunities in a crowded, crowded position group.

So who are your guys that have seen their stock rise the most this week? How about some stock that has gone down?

Let’s discuss in the comments!