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Who are your predictions for best performances tomorrow night?

Who do you foresee as having a breakout game, or outstanding performance?

Our very own Tim Lynch joined the Orange and Blue 760’s First and 10 show this morning to talk a host of Broncos topics (check it out in the link above).

One of the questions I really found interesting was a bit of a game the First and 10 crew has been playing before each preseason game and mock drafting a player on offense and defense, and seeing how they perform in that game.

Essentially it’s posing the question, who would you bet has a big game? So we’re going to try our hand at it as well.

Here at Mile High Report, we give out gameballs after every regular season game. Since this is the “dress rehearsal” for the regular season game, it’s as close to “real football” we’ll get for at least another two weeks. So, if you were going to pre-designate a gameball, or predict one offensive and one defensive player who is most likely to win it, who would that be?

Keep in mind potential playing time tomorrow too.

Mine would be a toss up between Philip Lindsay and Chad Kelly on offense. I think both of those guys are hot right now coming off of last preseason game, and will continue their momentum.

Speaking of carrying over momentum, Justin Simmons had himself an incredible play last week, picking off Mitch Trubisky. I think he continues his solid preseason with a massive game, since the starters should be seeing more time tomorrow night.

Alright Broncos Country, it’s your turn! Sound off with your predictions in the comments below, and I’ll see you in the post-game threads to gloat about who was right!