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Andy Janovich channeled his inner Howard Griffith against Washington

The Denver Broncos will need Andy Janovich to continue opening up the kind of running lanes he opened up against the Washington Redskins of Friday night.

Any doubts people may have had that Andy Janovich didn’t have a significant role to play in this offense evaporated on Friday when the Denver Broncos whipped the Washington Redskins 29-17 in the third preseason game of the year.

Both rushing touchdowns from the first-team offense were blown wide open by a Janovich block.

The first was an inside run that the Redskins linebacker was in good position for, but Janovich put him out of position and out of the play immediately. Offensive guard Connor McGovern then chased a second linebacker out of the play to spring Royce Freeman through for a 24-yard touchdown run in the first quarter.

Andy Janovich springs Royce Freeman on a big block inside.

Both Redskins linebackers were forced off balance on the play, which set things up beautifully.

Later on in the second quarter, Janovich got involved again. This block was even more impressive as it showed off his actual football intelligence. Janovich’s first assignment was the defensive end and most guys probably would have just dove right in to put a helmet on the first helmet they saw.

Not Janovich. He recognized the defensive end blew containment by ducking inside, so Janovich ran right by him to take out the safety knowing Emmanuel Sanders would have enough speed to make that defensive end regret his decision.

Andy Janovich annihilates a would-be tackler as Emmanuel Sanders runs his way into the endzone.

The result was a nifty gain that Sanders turned into a 27-yard touchdown run on an end around.

But wait, there’s more! Janovich would get back up and hurry downfield to try and keep up with Sanders and succeeded in creating just enough muck of chasing Redskins to keep Sanders going right into the end zone.

Janovich has some hussle!

Now we know why Brock Olivo wanted 11 Jano’s on his special teams units. Janovich hussled on this play even after he made the block that got Sanders to the second level. The Broncos rushing attack is going to be a lot better in 2017 because Andy Janovich is going to be clearing the way.