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Broncos will pay Adam Jones close to $10 million less than they would have paid Aqib Talib

He’s not expected to be the Denver Broncos number one guy, but he could be the perfect solution for their number three spot.

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The Denver Broncos will pay newly-signed cornerback Adam Jones a one-year deal worth $1.05 million this season. There was plenty of reaction to the signing, with a lot of it being on the negative side. And some even lamented that the Broncos should have kept Aqib Talib if all they were going to do was pick up a guy with a checkered past like Jones.

Well, Talib is making $11 million this year and it’s safe to say Jones will be at least 1/10th as good as Talib this season.

Add that to the fact that Jones has been an effective cornerback in his career. Even in 2017, when most considered him to have had a down year, he allowed just 15 receptions on 30 targets holding quarterbacks to a passer rating of 60.7.

His .81 yards per coverage snap last season was actually better than his average since 2012. That could be a good recipe for success as the number three cornerback.

And certainly worth the risk at such a low contract rate for this season. Jones will also provide an added value of being a reliable returner if the Broncos need someone with better ball handling skills to receive those kicks.