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The Denver Broncos have to take Von Miller out of practice to keep him from wrecking it

Yes, you read that right. Von Miller is just too damn good for coaches to deal with on both game days and in practice.

NFL: NFL Honors-Red Carpet Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

There is little debate outside of Colorado that Von Miller is a transcendent NFL talent. He has already claimed a Super Bowl MVP award and wrecked havoc on the field his entire career. He’ll join John Elway as the only other first ballot Hall of Fame player and his name will be synonymous with Lawrence Taylor and Derrick Thomas when its all said and done.

However, it was still surprising to hear that head coach Vance Joseph actually admit that Miller can wreck a practice session by just being Von.

“Von is a special player,” Joseph said on Saturday. “When Von is on, he can totally wreck practice. I get it with Von. Von goes hard, but he understands if he goes really, really hard, he can wreck practice. I’m being honest. He had a couple plays today where he got upset and it looked like game day. We know what Von can do. I’m not worried about Von. Von is in great shape and Von loves to play, and so he’s right where he has to be for the season.”

The Denver Broncos defense has been on its heels trying to defend against Case Keenum’s surprising accuracy down the field. So if Von is getting pissed, then he is probably wrecking plays.

Inside linebacker Brandon Marshall expanded on Joseph’s comments noting that Miller has to sidelined for some plays just to keep the entire practice from being wrecked entirely.

“I’m not going to say he’s unblockable, but he’s near unblockable,” Marshall said. “We did all of these passing drills, these throwing drills, even in the run game, Von is a monster. Sometimes they take him out. He’s not always in because he could definitely wreck practice.”

These comments seem important to me, because the offense has definitely had the better of the defense so far. It would seem a big part of that success if Von Miller playing practice and not playing gameday.

Hopefully he is still putting just enough pressure on Keenum to keep him aware of what it’s like to play the quarterback position under duress.