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Live updates from Day 8 of Denver Broncos training camp

The Denver Broncos start Day 8 of their training camp sessions today.

Casey Barrett- Mile High Report

The Denver Broncos will have their first live scrimmage in practice today. That means the defense will get to play a little faster and with a little less trepidation when it comes to making the plays.

It feels like Broncos camp is flying by. I personally have more storylines than know what to do with. This team as a whole looks so much better this year than they did in each of the last two seasons. The defense may have taken a minor/tiny step back from elite, but it clearly has Top 10 talent as a whole. If the offense is any good, then this is a playoff team.

For now, here’s your live updates for Day 8 of Broncos camp.

Broncos Camp Day 8 - Live Blog