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Broncos helped raise more than $40,000 for Alzheimer’s Awareness in one day

Broncos Country stepped it up this weekend to help raise funding in the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Denver Broncos ran a fundraising event in the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease on Saturday that raised $40,614.31. The event drew one of the largest crowds to Broncos training camp that day and was a big win for Broncos Country.

“We are so appreciative of the Bowlen family, Joe Ellis and the Broncos, and ‘Broncos Country’ for their tremendous support of Alzheimer’s yesterday,” Amelia Schafer, Executive Director of Alzheimer’s Association — Colorado, said. “The turnout exceeded all of our expectations and made history as our singe biggest fundraising day for Walk to End Alzheimer’s in Colorado.”

It’s moments like these that we can all share in pride with our fellow Broncos fans. Since 2014, ‘Team Super Bowlen’ has helped raised more than $350,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association. The team will continue to raise money online leading up to the Walk to End Alzheimer’s event.

The 29th annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s will take place at Denver City Park on September 15, 2018 and they hope to have close to 10,000 participants.