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Broncos Brandon Marshall says defense has a bigger menu

The Denver Broncos linebacker is excited about where the defense is heading.

The Denver Broncos defense has been one of the best in the NFL in recent years. Brandon Marshall joined Orange and Blue 760’s First and 10 at 10 to discuss training camp, and some of the changes to the defense. A big part of the changes comes from what Marshall called a, “bigger menu.”

With changes in the personnel, Andrew Mason asked Marshall if that impacted what the Broncos can do on defense. Marshall was quick to note that the defense is reacting to what the players can do, but it is also about the direction that offenses are moving. With the addition of Bradley Chubb, and the growth of players like Justin Simmons and Will Parks, the defense will be able to adjust well to the strengths of their opponents.

Another big aspect of Marshall’s enthusiasm comes from the potential for the offense to improve. Rather than feeling like the defense has to do it all, the defense feels like there will be support from the other side of the ball. Marshall talked about Case Keenum’s confidence and ability, but he also pointed out the playmakers.

One of the names he mentioned that has been getting a lot of play in Broncos Country is Courtland Sutton. The offense has weapons, and for a defense that has had to carry the load for the franchise, it must feel good. You can hear in Marshall’s voice the excitement, but also the relief. Help has finally arrived.